Cell Division: Mitosis & Meiosis (VHS)

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Striking video and three-dimensional animation provide a vivid overview of the process of cell division. Your students will learn the central importance that cells play in life and the fact that living cells can only arise from other livingcells via cell division. They'll distinguish mitosis from cytokinesis and view both plant and animal cells as they undergo the various phases of nuclear division. They'll also learn about the cell cycle, embryonic development, cancer and cell growth. Meiosis, the process whereby the cell nucleus divides to form sex cells, is also graphically depicted. 30 minutes.

A spectacular video tour of the fundamentals of Life Science. Join noted scientist, Dr. Jeremy Pickett-Heaps, as he explores the fascinating world of the biological sciences. The six videos comprising the library include over three hours of stunning videography; real-time and time-lapse images; graphic, three-dimensional animations; and illuminating and insightful narration. Dr. Pickett-Heaps, a Fellow of the Royal Society, provides a clear, easy-to-follow and highly informative overview of the study of biology.

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