Cell Processes (VHS)

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Explore the fascinating world of cells. Brilliant, microscopic footage will provide your students with a detailed and intriguing look at key cell structures and processes. Time-lapse photography and graphic animations complement the video sequences and provide a detailed explanation of such processes as mitosis, cell division, photosynthesis, cellular respiration and much more! 30 minutes.

A spectacular video tour of the fundamentals of Life Science. Join noted scientist, Dr. Jeremy Pickett-Heaps, as he explores the fascinating world of the biological sciences. The six videos comprising the library include over three hours of stunning videography; real-time and time-lapse images; graphic, three-dimensional animations; and illuminating and insightful narration. Dr. Pickett-Heaps, a Fellow of the Royal Society, provides a clear, easy-to-follow and highly informative overview of the study of biology.

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