Epithelium Types (Expanded Set), Set of 10 Slides.

Model: SS 10241


Set of 10 slides. Set includes the following:

JP 105 SIMPLE SQUAMOUS, sec. of Kidney (Bowman's capsule). JP 320 ENDOTHELIUM, sec. of Artery or Vein. JP 100 STRATIFIED SQUAMOUS, c.s. of Esophagus. JP 155 STRATIFIED SQUAMOUS, KERATINIZED, c.s. of Skin from palmar or volar region. JP 940 SIMPLE CUBOIDAL, sec. of Thyroid. JO 415 SIMPLE COLUMNAR with GOBLET CELLS, c.s. of Amphiuma Intestine. JP 731 SIMPLE COLUMNAR, CILIATED, c.s. of Oviduct. JP 820 PSEUDOSTRATIFIED COLUMNAR, CILIATED, c.s. of Trachea. JP 120 TRANSITIONAL, sec. of Urinary Bladder. JO 425 NON-SURFACE, with PIGMENT, sec. of Amphiuma Liver.

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