Human Physiology

Model: SS 10270


Set of 25 slides. Set is an excellent introduction to the study of the human body.

JP 155 SKIN, THICK, sec. JP 158 SKIN, CAUCASIAN AND NEGROID, sec. JP 180 EPITHELIUM, 3 TYPES, sec. JP 255 ADIPOSE TISSUE, sec. JP 276 BONE, GROUND, c.s. JP 351 BLOOD SMEAR JP 359 ARTERY, c.s. JP 390 SPLEEN, c.s. JP 480 MUSCLE, 3 TYPES, sec. JP 559 SUBMAXILLARY GLAND, sec. JP 567 STOMACH, fundic sec. JP 575 DUODENUM, c.s. JP 579 APPENDIX, NORMAL, c.s. JP 583 LIVER, sec. JP 590 PANCREAS, sec. JP 659 CEREBRUM AND CEREBELLUM, sec. JP 667 SPINAL CORD, cervical, c.s. JP 687 MEISSNER'S CORPUSCLE, sec. JP 750 KIDNEY, c.s. JP 766 OVARY, sec. JP 790 SPERM SMEAR JP 860 TRACHEA, c.s. JP 870 LUNG, sec. JP 950 ADRENAL GLAND, sec. JP 980 THYROID, sec.

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