Principles and Practice of Thin Layer Chromatography

Model: BT 113


(Edvotek) For 8 separations. Time required: Spotting plates - 20 min. TLC separation - 5 min.

This experiment introduces chromatographic theory and methods of thin layer chromatography. A mixture of dyes are separated on a cellulose based TLC plate using two different solvent systems. All components are stable at room temperature.

REQUIREMENTS: 250 ml. beakers, metric rulers, pipet pumps, 5 or 10 ml. pipets, pencils, distilled or deionized water, safety goggles, latex or vinyl gloves.

CONTENTS: Complete instructions, background information, and study questions. Samples, reagents and solvents. Cellulose thin layer plate. 5u glass capillary pipets. Per kit.

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