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X-Act Blood Typing Kit With Aids Module.


With the artificial blood and sera in this kit, your students can now use a single blood sample not only to simulate normal A, B, AB, and O blood typing, but also to check for the presence of the Rh factor.

All eight blood types (four Rh+, four Rh-) are supplied; students mix the samples with anti-sera and watch for tell-tale clumping.

The AIDS module lets the teacher add simulated "AIDS antibody" to samples he or she selects.

Brief biographical histories are provided for the donors of all eight samples, and students use an ELISA-like test to check for the color change that indicates which of the donors' blood tests positive for HIV.

Materials supplied are sufficient for three classes of 24 students working in pairs.

  • 8 Vials of "blood" (4 Rh+, 4 Rh-)
  • 1 Vial each of anti-A, anti-B, and anti-Rh "serum"
  • Toothpicks
  • 15 Plastic slides
  • 15 Student data sheets
  • 1 Vial "AIDS antigen"
  • 1 Vial "AIDS antibody"
  • 1 Vial conjugate,
  • 1 Vial chromagen compound
  • 1 Teacher's instruction sheet with answer key

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