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AP Biology

Chromosome Simulation Lab Investigation

Model each phase of mitosis and meiosis using hands-on manipulatives. Your students can ...

Lab 6A. Bacterial Transformation - Ampicillin Resistance Lab Investigation (8 Lab Stations)

Observe transformation results overnight! Investigate the basic principles of genetic engineering by using ...

Lab 11: Animal Behavior Lab Investigation (4 Lab Stations)

Investigate how animals adjust to environmental conditions using a "Choice Chamber"! Using the ...

Lab 11: Animal Behavior Lab Investigation - Refill


AP Biology Exam Preparation Neo/Quiz™ Cd-Rom (Single Copy)

Give your students an advantage - includes over 300 questions covering all of ...

AP Biology Lab 3: Mitosis & Meiosis Cd-Rom

Visualize the process of mitosis and meiosis. A virtual lab! Your students will ...

AP Biology Investigation #13: Enzyme Activity

Innovating Science™ Students will learn the nature and specificity of enzyme-catalyzed reactions. Students ...

AP Biology Investigation #5: Photosynthesis

Innovating Science™ Students will learn the necessary components and conditions for photosynthesis to ...

AP Biology Investigation #1: Artificial Selection

Innovating Science™ Students will study the process of artificial selection using Innovating Science fast ...

Lab 1: Diffusion And Osmosis Lab Investigation (4 Lab Stations)

Investigate the processes of diffusion and osmosis using a model membrane system. Graphically ...

Lab 3: Mitosis And Meiosis Lab Investigation (4 Lab Stations)

Visualize the process of mitosis and meiosis. In the first part of the ...

Lab 7: Genetics Of Organisms Lab Investigation (4 Lab Stations)

Perform genetic crosses using easy-to-follow procedures. Your students will perform genetic crosses of ...

Investigation 12: Fruit Fly Behavior

Edvotek. The objective of this experiment is to introduce students to the concept of ...

Lab 6 REFILL: Analysis of Eco Ri Cleavage Patterns of Lambda DNA Refills (for 24 Gels)

DNA Samples ONLY for 24 Gels in Microtest Tubes This experiment introduces the ...

Lab 6: Restriction Enzyme Cleavage of Lambda DNA .

Edvotek Classic AP Biology Lab. Analysis of Eco RI Cleavage Patterns of Lambda DNA ...

Lab 2: Principles Of Enzyme Catalysis

Edvotek Classic AP Biology Lab.  This easy and safe experiment allow your students ...

Lab 3: Analysis And Determination Of Cell Mitosis And DNA Extraction

Edvotek Classic AP Biology Lab.  Identify the various stages and duration of mitosis ...

Lab 4: Plant Pigment Chromatography And Photosynthesis

Edvotek Classic AP Biology Lab.  Chromatographic separation is performed by thin layer chromatography. ...

Electrophoresis Reagent Package with Instastain™ Methylene Blue

InThis Electrophoresis Reagent package contains enough reagents to prepare and process forty 7 ...

Lab 6: Transformation Of E. Coli With Pgal™ (Blue Colony)

Edvotek  Classic AP Biplogy Lab. In this experiment, your students will develop an ...

Lab 6: Cleavage of Lambda DNA with Eco Ri Endonuclease: An Introduction To Restriction Enzymes

Edvotek Lab 6 Alternative.  The DNA from bacteriophage lambda is a well-characterized linear ...

Lab 1: Principles And Practice Of Diffusion And Osmosis

Edvotek Classic AP Biology Lab.  Materials and dialysis tubing are provided to perform ...