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Advanced Placement Labs by Edvotek

Bacterial Transformation Replenishment- Luria Broth Media (100G)

The media contains hydrolyzed casein, yeast extract and salts for the growth of ...

Electrophoresis Reagent Package with Instastain™ Methylene Blue

InThis Electrophoresis Reagent package contains enough reagents to prepare and process forty 7 ...

Investigation 11: Transpiration

Edvotek.  The principles of diffusion and osmosis are applied to the movement of ...

Investigation 12: Fruit Fly Behavior

Edvotek. The objective of this experiment is to introduce students to the concept of ...

Investigation 13: Enzyme Activity

Edvotek.  This easy and safe experiment allows your students to learn about enzyme ...

Investigation 1: Artificial Selection

Edvotek. Students will perform artificial selection on a population of Quick Plant™, and ...

Investigation 2: Mathematical Modeling - Hardy-Weinberg

Edvotek.  The application of the Hardy-Weinberg law of genetic equilibrium demonstrates that mutations, ...

Investigation 3: Comparing DNA Sequences to Understand Evolutionary Relationships with BLAST

Edvotek:  In this experiment, several genes will be submitted to an internet database ...

Investigation 4: Diffusion and Osmosis

Edvotek. In this experiment, students use artificial cells to study the relationship of ...

Investigation 5: Photosynthesis

Edvotek. In this experiment, students will learn how to measure the rate of ...