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Investigation 4: Diffusion and Osmosis


Edvotek. In this experiment, students use artificial cells to study the relationship of surface area and volume. Then they will create models of living cells to explore osmosis and diffusion, and observe osmosis in living cells. Various diffusion and osmosis principles are performed in this lab.

For 10 Lab Groups. Complete in 60-90 minutes.

To download instructions go to:

Kit Includes: agar powder, phenolphthalein solution, sodium hydroxide (NaOH) pellets, powdered sucrose, NaCl, powdered glucose, ovalbumin, dialysis tubing, large transfer pipets, microscope slides and cover slips

All You Need: beakers, ruler, razor, plastic spoon, paper towel, timer, scales, graph paper, distilled or deionized water, elodea tip or moss, microscope

Storage: Room Temperature 

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