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Lab 3: Analysis And Determination Of Cell Mitosis And DNA Extraction


Edvotek Classic AP Biology Lab.  Identify the various stages and duration of mitosis using onion root tips. Purified DNA is spooled for visualization.

For 10 Lab groups.  Requires 60 minutes.

To download instructions go to:

Kit includes: instructions, onion DNA extraction buffer, Toluidine O Blue stain, 35mm onion root tip slide & whitefish blastula slide, test tubes, gel loading solution.

All you need: microscopes, slides, holders & cover slips, slide projector, Bunsen burners, Pasteur pipets; bulbs, 5 ml pipets, test tubes, razor blades, 95-100% isopropanol, HCl, onion bulbs.

Storage: Room Temperature 

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