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Lab 3: Mitosis And Meiosis Lab Investigation (4 Lab Stations)


Visualize the process of mitosis and meiosis. In the first part of the investigation, your students will investigate the process of mitosis by preparing their own slides of onion root tips and calculating the relative duration of each stage of the cell cycle.

Using the prepared slides of white fish blastula, the class will also study mitosis in animal cells and compare animal cell mitosis with plant cell mitosis. In the second part of the investigation, your students will study the crossing over and recombination that takes place during meiosis from a cross between a wild type Sordaria fimicola and its mutant for tan spore coat color. To perform "Simulation of Meiosis" Activity 3b.2, the Chromosome Simulation kit is required, which is available separately. The comprehensive background information section includes an illustrated key to each phase of mitosis and meiosis and the major differences between the two processes.

Includes a FREE copy of Neo/SCI's Visualizing Plant & Animal Cell Mitosis Poster (35"W x 23"H) - A $12.95 value! 4 Lab stations.T

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