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Crime Scene Simulations

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DNA Fingerprinting 2 - Amplification Of DNA For Fingerprinting.

For 6 Gels (5 lanes each) Time required: Gel Prep 30 min. Electrophoresis ...

DNA Isolation

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DNA Analysis

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Series 100 Experiments-Principles Of DNA Sequencing

Time Required: 20 or 30 min. DNA sequencing is a procedure for determining ...

Discovering Life Sciences

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Principles Of Gel Filtration Chromatography (Series 100 Experiments)

For 10 Separations. Time Required: Packing Column -- 20 min. Column Separation -- ...

Ready to Load DNA

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Lab 6: Restriction Enzyme Cleavage of Lambda DNA .

Edvotek Classic AP Biology Lab. Analysis of Eco RI Cleavage Patterns of Lambda DNA ...

Lab 6 REFILL: Analysis of Eco Ri Cleavage Patterns of Lambda DNA Refills (for 24 Gels)

DNA Samples ONLY for 24 Gels in Microtest Tubes This experiment introduces the ...

Principles and Practice of Agarose Gel Electrophoresis (for 6 Gels)

Edvotek 100 Series. For 6 Gels (6 lanes per gel). Time Required: 45 ...