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Aids Kit I: Simulation Of HIV-1 Detection (Edvotek)


For 10 Groups (12 reactions each) Time Required: ELISA reaction takes 60 min.

Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is currently used as an initial clinical screening of the blood supply for HIV-1. Students add simulated HIV antigen to wells in a microtiter plate. This is followed by washing and introduction of simulated antibodies of HIV-1-positive or negative samples. A second antibody covalently linked to horseradish peroxidase is added. This will bind to the first antibody of HIV-1-positive samples. After washing, enzyme substrates are introduced, which will yield a color reaction for HIV-1-positive samples. This experiment does not use human or other blood.

REQUIREMENTS: Distilled or deionized water; beakers; 37°C incubation oven; automatic micropipets (5-200µl) and tips (optional), pipet pumps (for 1 ml pipet). Some components require refrigerator storage upon receipt.

CONTENTS: Biologicals and Reagents, Microtiter Plates, Transfer Pipets, Microtest Tubes with Attached Caps, 1 ml Pipets, 50 ml Plastic Tubes, Complete instructions, background information, and study questions.

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