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Anabaena Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide.  Anabaena whole mount. Trichomes of beadlike or barrel shaped cells with ...

Blue-Green Algae Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. Whole mount of mixed species of blue-green algae. ...

Gloeocapsa Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. Gloeocapsa whole mount. Groups of spherical cells enclosed in concentric layers ...

Nostoc Slide, sec.

Prepared slide. Section through nodule of nostoc showing filaments with heterocysts. ...

Nostoc Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. Nostoc whole mount. Contorted bead-like filaments with intercalary heterocysts in a ...

Oscillatoria Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide.  Oscillatoria whole mount. Unbranched, multicellular trichomes without sheaths. ...

Spirulina Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. Spirulina whole mount. Spiral form, motile like Oscillatoria but essentially unicellular. ...