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Animals in Action

1986. GEMS. While watching animals in a large classroom corral, the class adds ...

Ant Homes Under The Ground

1996. GEMS. In this guide, students learn about ant body structure, jobs, and ...

Buzzing A Hive

1987. GEMS. In this extensive and fascinating unit, students learn about the complex ...

Creepy Crawlies For Curious Kids

1986. Lynn Ransford. Art projects, puzzles, and games help children learn about the ...

Eggs, Eggs, Everywhere

1997. GEMS. This guide introduces children to the wonder of eggs and provides ...

Insects And Spiders

1998. Janice VanCleave. Are spiders insects? Why do crickets chirp? How do caterpillars ...

Insects On Display: A Guide To Mounting And Displaying Insects

2000. Connie Zakowski. Create stunning insect displays for your own enjoyment or to ...

Lucas and His Loco Beans - A Bilingual Tale of the Mexican Jumping Bean

2003. Ramona Moreno.  On a walk in the desert, Lucas's grandfather shows him ...

Something Special: A Lesson To Remember About Mexican Jumping Beans

2002. Laura Mihelakis and Karen Lang. First in a series of educational books ...

The Worm Café: Mid-Scale Vermicomposting Of Lunchroom Wastes

1999. Binet Payne. This manual describes how a teacher and her students developed ...

Thinking Outside the Bean

2005.  McGee-Keiser.  "All you ever wanted to know about Mexican Jumping Beans and ...

Worms Eat My Garbage

1997. Mary Appelhof. This newly revised edition expands on kinds of containers which ...