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New England Coast Intertidal Collection 


Four living specimens each, of three different algae and eight different animals, selected to give a representative overview of intertidal life from both rocky and muddy environments.


ALGAE [Fucus and Ascophyllum (Rockweeds)-These two conspicuous brown algae often dominate the rocky midintertidal zone; Chondrus (Irish Moss)-Common at the mean low water zone, just below the rockweeds.],

CNIDARIAN [Sertularia-A common colonial hydrozoan often found growing on Ascophyllum.],

MOLLUSKS [Mytilus Edulis (Blue Mussel)-A bivalve that can cover large areas, attaching itself to rocks with strong byssal threads; Thais Lapillus (Dog Whelk)-A carnivorous gastropod that preys on barnacles and mussels. It occurs in a variety of colors; Littorina Littorea (Periwinkle)-A herbivorous gastropod, very abundant in the intertidal zone and able to survive some periods out of the water.],

CRUSTACEANS: [Balanus (Barnacle)-When withdrawn tightly into its shell, this crustacean looks more like a mollusk. Common on hard substrates; Gammarus (Scud)-An amphipod very common under rockweeds.].


ANNELID [Nereis (Clamworm)-A common polychaete worm, this very active predator comes equipped with pinching jaws.],

MOLLUSK [Mya Arenaria (Soft-Shelled Clam)-This tasty bivalve is the "steamer" of commercial importance.].

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