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Biochemistry & Biotechnology

Electrophoresis Apparatus, Model M12

Designed to give excellent resolution in short periods of time for up to ...

Hexagel™ Electrophoresis Apparatus, Model M36

Designed for use in introductory biology courses, this larger unit emphasizes economy since ...

Electrophoresis Apparatus, Model M6Plus

A durable and seamless injection-molded horizontal agarose electrophoresis unit designed for ease of ...

Fixed Volume Economy Micropipets (5µl Capacity)

5µl capacity. Ideal for lower volumes. LW 2039A, B, C pipets use 20µl ...

Fixed Volume Economy Micropipets (10µl Capacity)

10µl capacity. Ideal for lower volumes. LW 2039A, B, C pipets use 20µl ...

Fixed Volume Economy Micropipets (20µl Capacity)

20µl capacity. Ideal for lower volumes. LW 2039A, B, C pipets use 20µl ...

DNA - Based Screening For Smallpox As A Biodefense Strategy

For 6 groups. Time requirements: Gel Preparation 30 min, Electroporesis 45 min, Staining ...

DNA Fingerprinting 2 - Amplification Of DNA For Fingerprinting.

For 6 Gels (5 lanes each) Time required: Gel Prep 30 min. Electrophoresis ...

Principles Of Gel Filtration Chromatography (Series 100 Experiments)

For 10 Separations. Time Required: Packing Column -- 20 min. Column Separation -- ...

An Introduction To Electrophoresis (VHS)

An animated sequence demonstrates how electrophoresis separates charged molecules as they move through ...

Electrophoresis: DNA and Proteins (VHS)

Prepares students to set up and run an electrophoresis chamber. Concentrates on the ...

DNA Electrophoresis Manual

Incorporate the latest in biotechnology techniques into any life science curriculum. Over 150 ...

Electrophoresis: Agarose Gel Seperation of Dyes

Innovating Science™ Introduce your students to this valuable separation science in a safe ...

DNA Fingerprinting Electrophoresis Lab Activity

Innovating Science™ DNA fingerprinting is one of the strongest forms of evidence in ...

Introduction to Enzyme Catalized Reactions

Innovating Science™ Living organisms require enzymes to regulate chemical reactions necessary to maintain ...

Testing Food for Nutrients

Innovating Science™ This experiment will help students understand the importance of proteins, carbohydrates, ...

Chromotography of Plant Pigments

Innovating Science™ Chlorophyll is the most prevalent and well-known plant pigment related to ...

Methods in Plant Tissue Culture

P.J. Bottino.  Manual produced by Kemtec Educational Corporation. Intended for use in teaching ...

Edvotek Variable Automatic Pipets (Holds from 0.5 to 10µl)

Holds from 0.5 to 10µl. Uses BT 638 tips. Ergonomically designed with a ...

Edvotek Variable Automatic Pipets (Holds from 5 to 50µl)

Holds from 5 to 50µl. Uses BT 636 tips. Ergonomically designed with a ...

Edvotek Micropipet Tips ( Yellow, 192/Pkg)

MICROPIPET TIPS. Yellow. To hold volumes from 1 to 200µl. Supplied in sets ...

Series 100 Experiments-Principles Of DNA Sequencing

Time Required: 20 or 30 min. DNA sequencing is a procedure for determining ...

Lab 6: Cleavage of Lambda DNA with Eco Ri Endonuclease: An Introduction To Restriction Enzymes

Edvotek Lab 6 Alternative.  The DNA from bacteriophage lambda is a well-characterized linear ...

How Do You Clone a Gene? (Sci-On™)

Edvotek. For 8 lab groups. Time Required: Approx. 30 min. Plasmids are circular ...

What Does DNA Look Like?(Sci-On™)

For 10 lab groups. Time Required: 30 min. Being able to actually see ...

Whose DNA Was Left Behind?(Sci-On™)

For 10 lab groups. Time Required: 45 min. DNA fingerprinting is used in ...

Understanding Biotechnology Techniques Lab Investigation

Fun and engaging simulated activities to learn about biotechnology. Study the process of ...

Demonstrating Biotechnology Using Bioluminescent Proteins Lab Investigation

As darkness descends upon the ocean, the water becomes alive with displays of ...

Modeling DNA Structure & The Process of Replication Lab Investigation

Neo/Sci. Replicate the double helix structure of DNA. Class size - 40 students. ...

Extracting DNA Lab Investigation

Neo/Sci. Isolate & observe actual DNA in your classroom! Class size - 40 students. ...

Turning Genes 'On' And 'Off' Lab Investigation

Neo/Sci. Explore how genes respond to their environment. Class size - 40 students. ...

Electrophoresis Reagent Package with Instastain™ Methylene Blue

InThis Electrophoresis Reagent package contains enough reagents to prepare and process forty 7 ...

Melt & Pour Ultra-Spec™ Agarose (0.8%) 400Ml

Pre-mixed with TAE buffer for faster gel preparation; simply melt, cool to 55°C, ...

Melt & Pour Ultra-Spec™ Agarose (0.8%) 5 X 400ml

Pre-mixed with TAE buffer for faster gel preparation; simply melt, cool to 55°C, ...

Lab 6: Restriction Enzyme Cleavage of Lambda DNA .

Edvotek Classic AP Biology Lab. Analysis of Eco RI Cleavage Patterns of Lambda DNA ...

Lab 6 REFILL: Analysis of Eco Ri Cleavage Patterns of Lambda DNA Refills (for 24 Gels)

DNA Samples ONLY for 24 Gels in Microtest Tubes This experiment introduces the ...

Principles and Practice of Agarose Gel Electrophoresis (for 6 Gels)

Edvotek 100 Series. For 6 Gels (6 lanes per gel). Time Required: 45 ...

Aids Kit I: Simulation Of HIV-1 Detection (Edvotek)

For 10 Groups (12 reactions each) Time Required: ELISA reaction takes 60 min. ...

Aids Kit II: Simulation Of HIV-1 Detection By Western Blot (Agarose

For 6 Blots. Time Required: Electrophoresis & Blot Preparation: 60 - 90 min. ...

Understanding Enzymes Lab Investigation

Investigate the catalysts of life. Teach your students how enzymes control a variety ...

Enzyme Activity Study Kit

Lab Aids.  The basic concept behind this engaging kit is that all living ...

Biotechnology for Young Scientists

Neo/Sci. Lab Kit for 40 students. Use electrophoresis to expose your students to ...

Battery-Powered Electrophoresis Tank (Single)

Safely separate any size DNA--at a fraction of the cost! Included in our ...

Introduction To Chromatography

Neo/Sci. Lab Kit for 40 students. Introduce your students to the basics of ...

Plant Pigments & Photosynthesis

Neo/Sci. Lab Kit for 40 students. Masked by green chlorophyll in the summer, ...

Principles and Practice of Thin Layer Chromatography

(Edvotek) For 8 separations. Time required: Spotting plates - 20 min. TLC separation ...

Organic Chemistry Molecular Models Kit

Students can construct models of hydrocarbon molecules such as alkanes, alkenes, alkynes and ...

Understanding Acids, Bases & Salts

Neo/Sci. Lab Kit for 40 students, a complete, safe and convenient introduction to ...

Chemical Reactions In Living Matter Lab Investigation

Neo/Sci. Explore the importance of chemical reactions to life.  Class size - 40 ...

Food Analysis

Identify the nutrients in common foods. Step-by-step directions on individual worksheets explain simple, ...

Chemistry of Nutrients Model Kit

Students can construct models showing the chemistry of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The ...

Lab 6: Transformation Of E. Coli With Pgal™ (Blue Colony)

Edvotek  Classic AP Biplogy Lab. In this experiment, your students will develop an ...

Transformation Of E. Coli With Puc8 Plasmid DNA (Blue Colony)

Edvotek Series 200 Experiments. For 10 Transformations and controls. Time Required: Transformation -- ...

Transformation Of E. Coli - With Plasmids Containing The Gene For The Green (Gfp) & Blue (Bfp) Fluorescent Proteins.

Edvotek Series 200 Experiments. For 10 transformations and controls. Time required: Transformation 45 ...