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What Does DNA Look Like?(Sci-On™)

For 10 lab groups. Time Required: 30 min. Being able to actually see DNA gives students a better appreciation for the importance of DNA structure and its biological functions. In this experiment, students spool DNA and are able to visualize its physical properties. REQUIREMENTS: Pipet pump; 50 or 100ml graduated cylinders; (15) 10 or 20ml test tubes; (2) 100ml beakers; 95-100% isopropanol or 70% clear isopropyl alcohol; distilled water; paper towels; ice. Some components require refrigerator storage. CONTENTS: Chromosomal DNA; Concentrated buffer; Methylene Blue Plus™ solution; 10 Transfer pipets; 10 Spooling rods; 10 Plastic Beakers for spooling; 12 2ml Pipets; Complete instructions, background information and study questions.

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