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Aquatic Bug Kit

A creepy, crawly, wet investigation of the health of streams, ponds, and other ...

Bees: Tales From the Hive (DVD)

NOVA. Amazingly up-close footage filmed with specially developed macro lenses brings you the ...


NOVA. Grade 4 and up.  170 minutes on 3 discs.  CC. Ants: Little ...

Butterflies of the World Activities Kit

Entice your students with unique, creative and memorable lessons on butterflies! "Butterflies of ...

Butterfly Metamorphosis Science Pad

True Life Science Pad. Offers basic illustrations of the three stages of metamorphosis. ...

Creature Double Keeper

12.5" L x 6.125" W x 8" H. Creature Keeper Animal Cages are ...

Creature Keeper Junior

7" L x 6.125" W x 8" H. Creature Keeper Animal Cages are ...

Creature Keeper, Single, Lg.

12.5"L x 6.125"W x 8" H. Creature Keeper Animal Cages are sturdy, attractive ...

Dover Coloring Books - Butterflies (1992)

1992. Jan Sovak. Detailed coloring plates and concise, informative text present 40 species ...

Entomology: High School Science Fair Projects

1994.  H. Steven Dashefsky.  Filled with good, solid science fair projects, this book ...

Guide To Microlife

1996. Kenneth G. Rainis and Bruce Russell. This is the first comprehensive guide ...

How to Know Series - The Insects

1978. Roger G. Bland. Includes keys to orders and more common families of ...

How To Know Series - The Spiders (1978)

Illustrated keys identifying plants and animals to their phyla, classes, and important orders. ...

Insect Diversity

28 specimens reveal in detail the diversity to be found in 11 orders ...

Insect Metamorphosis

Showing the three different types of insect metamorphosis: Gradual, Incomplete, and Complete, this ...

Insect X-Rays & Picture Cards

Get three different views of your favorite insects.The top has been photographed and ...

Insects On Display: A Guide To Mounting And Displaying Insects

2000. Connie Zakowski. Create stunning insect displays for your own enjoyment or to ...

Keeper Cover, Lg.

Fits Creature Keeper A1841 and A1842. A durable cotton cover available for those ...

Keeper Cover, Sm.

Fits Creature Keeper A1843. A durable cotton cover available for those creatures requiring ...

Life of The Butterfly

1983. Heiderose and Andreas Fischer-Nagel. This close-up, full color portrait of the butterfly's ...

Life of the Honeybee

1986. H.and A. Fischer-Nagel.  Greatly magnified color photos depict the tasks of the ...

Luna Moth Life Cycle

A nicely presented display of the life cycle of the beautiful Luna Moth. ...

Major Insect Orders

9 carefully mounted specimens beautifully illustrate 9 main orders including Orthoptera, Hymenoptera, Ephemerida, ...


LIFE CYCLE SERIES. 1999. Donna Schaffer. Brilliant, close-up photography illustrates the life cycles ...