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NOVA. Grade 4 and up.  170 minutes on 3 discs.  CC.

Ants: Little Creatures Who Run the World:  Explore vast underground caverns, from which working-class armies pour forth to defend their highly structured, communal way of life.

Bees: Tales from the Hive:  Did you know it takes nectar from 10 million flowers to create a single liter of honey?  Amazing up-close footage, filmed with special lenses, brings you the most intimate portrayal of a working bee colony ever filmed.

The Unknown World:  They're hiding in your colset.  They're lurking in your bed.  They're all over you - snacking on your skin, burrowing through your scalp, munching on your mascara.  They're the creepy crawlers of the unknown world, and now you can catch these critters in the act, magnified to monster size.

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