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Dicot Flower

Denoyer-Geppert. Fully dissectible into 12 parts. Ovary wall is open for examination of ...

Dicot Stem Structure

Enlarged 45 times, this model of a one-year sunflower stem shows anatomy in ...

Flower Model Activity Set

Hubbard. Shows basic structural elements of a typical flower (petal, sepal, stem, pistil, ...

Giant Student Edition Flower

Deneyer-Geppert. Pairs of detachable petals, sepals and anthers demonstrate the reproductive functions of ...

Leaf Structure

Enlarged 45 times, this model of a lima bean leaf vividly shows the ...

Monocot Stem Structure

Enlarged 45 times, this model of a corn stem shows details of generalized ...

Root/Stem/Leaf Model Activity Set

Hubbard. Shows cross-section view of root as it penetrates the soil, typical dicot ...

The Flower Model

This colorful teaching model was designed specifically for hands-on use with children of ...