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Brain & Nervous System

Giant Functional-Center Brain

Denoyer-Geppert. A very popular brain model that reproduces the brain of a right-handed ...

Giant Student Edition 4-Part Brain

Denoyer-Geppert. Twice life size and unbreakable. Splits into left and right hemispheres, right ...

Human Brain, 2-Part

3B. A medially divided brain on removable base. Key card. 14 x 14 ...

Human Brain, 4-Part

3B. Medially divided. The right half can be disassembled into frontal with parietal ...

Life Size Human Brain

Dissectible into 3 parts. 16 x 14 x 10cm. ...

Nervous System Model Activity Set

Hubbard Scientific. This popular model illustrates the structure of the central and peripheral ...