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Brock 70 Magiscope®

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Used in over 100 science and environmental centers, the Brock Magiscope® is a study in ruggedness, simplicity and versatility. Hand-crafted in the USA with a solid aluminum alloy stand, brass-on-brass friction focussing, a patent-pending fine adjustment ramp and lab-grade optics, this compound microscope is easy for even small children to use but it's no toy-it really works!

Designed for use in the field as well as in the classroom, the Magiscope® needs only available outdoor light or minimal room light. Since it uses no electricity it eliminates lamps, bulbs, cords, mirrors, batteries or prisms. Reflected and transmitted light are provided simultaneously. Reflected light lets students view the exteriors of solid objects like rocks, flowers, leaves, hairs and fibers, insects, and printed matter. Transmitted light is sent up through the stage by the cool, maintenance-free Lumarod® optic system, penetrating tiny, whole specimens (clear or stained) and thinly sectioned stained specimens to reveal their internal structure.

With no exposed threads, knobs, levers, screws or gears and only one moving part, there's no need to fuss with adjustments and the instrument is virtually indestructible (it comes with a 10-year warranty that even includes accidental breakage!)

Its 5x huygenian eyepiece lens has super-high eye relief for ease of operation and photographic capabilities. Used with its standard 4x achromatic objective lens, the total magnification is 20x. Accessories for up to 400x magnification, video and still photography, polarized light, and specimen exhibit systems are listed seperately.

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