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Acid Fast Stain Chemicals

Innovating Science™. Acid fast stain chemicals are used to identify bacteria by staining ...

Gram Stain Set

A complete set for differentiating between gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms. Includes 30ml each ...

Gram's Stain, Large

Innovating Science™. This kit is used to determine if bacteria are Gram-positive or ...

Gram's Stain, Small

Innovating Science™. The Gram stain is one of the most important differential staining ...

Negative Stain Set

Innovating Science™. A negative stain colors the background of a smear rather than ...

Speedi-Prep Gram Stain Connectikit

Provides fast, easy, reliable demonstration of the gram reaction while reducing classroom preparation ...

Speedi-Prep Gram Stain Connectikit (Refill)

Box of 25 unstained bacterial smears ready to gram stainNOTE: Chemicals and Kits ...

Spore Stain Chemicals

Innovating Science™. Kit Includes:30mL Carbol Fuchsin30mL Safranin O, 1% Aqueous Solution30mL Ethyl Alcohol, ...

Vital Stain Kit

Innovating Science™. This stain kit is perfect for general slide staining and provides ...

Vital Stain Set

Contains aqueous staining solutions for use with living microscopic organisms. Enhances both surface ...