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Speedi-Prep Gram Stain Connectikit


Provides fast, easy, reliable demonstration of the gram reaction while reducing classroom preparation time.

Kit supplies 25 slides, each bearing a single smear of three bacterial types (bacillus, coccus and spirillum, mixed). Students perform the gram procedure, following simple instructions and using solutions neatly applied from dropper bottles. Both gram-positive and gram-negative results are clearly evident on each slide, and students can make the slides permanent for future observation. Materials in each kit are sufficient for 25 students.

Required but not supplied: 500ml of 95% ethyl alcohol.


  • Teacher’s guide
  • 25 Pre-smeared bacterial slides
  • 30 ml Gram’s iodine solution
  • 30 ml Ammonium oxalate-crystal violet stain.
  • 30 ml Safranin counterstain
  • 30 ml Mountant
  • 15 m Mounting solvent(toluene)
  • Mounting dropper
  • Mounting needle
  • Cover slips
  • Bibulous paper

    NOTE: Chemicals and Kits containing Chemicals will be sold and shipped to institutions only.

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