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Acid Rain, Weathering and Erosion


Innovating Science™.

Acid rain is a term used generically to describe any type of acidic moisture, be it rain, snow, or fog. Acid rain can have devastating effects on not only aquatic ecosystems but also terrestrial areas. Acid rain not only effects naturally-occurring surfaces, such as exposed rocky surfaces of mountainous regions, but also human-made surfaces as well. Different stone and metal substances used in the construction of buildings, statues, monuments, etc. may all be affected by acid rain. The rates of erosion and weathering may increase rapidly depending on the degree of acidity in the precipitation. In this activity, students expose many rock materials and metals, both naturally-occurring and common in construction, to an acidic environment and examine the reaction of these materials in contrast to the same materials exposed to "normal" rain (tap water).

There are enough materials for 15 groups. Teacher's manual and student copymasters are included.

Materials Included in Kit:

  • 1 bag marble chips
  • 1 bag brick chips
  • 1 bag granite chips
  • 1 bag limestone chips
  • 1 bag sandstone chips
  • 1 bag steel shot
  • 1 bag copper shot
  • 1 bag zinc shot
  • 3 sulfuric acid concentrate (to make 500ml each)
  • 120 measuring cups (disposable)

Materials Needed but Not Supplied:

  • tap water, graduated cylinders (10 or 25ml).

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