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Water Treatment and Filtration


Innovating Science™.

Students will develop knowledge of the processes performed at a water treatment plant and understand the reasons for each process. They will perform, on a small-scale, several of the procedures that occur in a water treatment plant on "polluted" water. They will examine the changes in the water after each treatment step is performed. They will also observe physical characteristics of water, such as clarity, color, odor, and how they are affected from the beginning of the treatment process until the end.

There are enough materials for 15 groups. Teacher's manual and student copymasters are included.

Materials Included in the Kit:

  • 1500g fine sand
  • 1500g coarse sand
  • 1500g Fine gravel
  • 300g activated charcoal
  • 25g potassium aluminum sulfate (alum)
  • 25g calcium oxide (lime)
  • 5g kaolin (clay) powder
  • 5ml green food coloring
  • 5ml odor agent (vinegar)
  • 75 plastic cups
  • 15 stirring sticks.

Materials Needed but Not Supplied:

  • container large enough to prepare "Untreated Water" (approx. 1 gallon or larger)
  • misc. materials to prepare "Untreated Water", such as: potting soil, lawn clippings, dried and crushed leaves, small twigs, mulch, etc.,
  • sharp item (such as a nail or dissecting probe) for students to poke small holes in the cups used for filtration.

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