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Thin-Layer Chromatography Kit: Analysis of Amino Acids


Separations of colorless substances, such as mixtures of amino acids, are done routinely by chromatography. Using the thin layer method (TLC), separations are completed more effectively and with much greater speed than with paper methods. This kit contains all the materials necessary to complete a thin-layer analysis of amino acids during a single laboratory period. In addition to developing within such a short period of time, the need for spraying with ninhydrin in order to make the chromatogram visible is eliminated. All that must be done is to heat the strips for five minutes or allow to develop at room temperature. The ease in using this kit makes it a must in teaching amino acids chromatography! Includes full TLC background information and detailed instructions.

CONTENTS: (Sufficient for 48 analyses) 48 TLC chromatogram sheets; 24 Developing chambers and caps; 1 Vial amino-acid mixture 1; 1 Vial amino-acid mixture 2; 1 Vial micro-applicators; 1 Bottle solvent -- acetic acid/water; 1 Bottle solvent -- butanol, acetone, ninhydrin; 1 Dispenser bottle. (Sufficient for 48 analyses of amino acids)

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