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Exploring The Weather Lab Investigation

Explore the fascinating world of meteorology. Capture your class’ attention with an engaging ...

Geology Field Trip In A Bag Lab Investigation

Take a field trip without leaving the classroom! Introduce your students to rocks, ...

Mineral Formation & Identification Lab Investigation

Introduce your students to the world of minerals. Provide your class with a ...

Ocean Activity Model

View the impact of temperature & salinity on ocean circulation. Large, easy-to-use model ...

Probing Earth Science

Add excitement to your classroom with this fun and interactive activity.  Each set ...

Rock Formation & Identification Lab Investigation

Investigate the rock cycle. What is a rock? What is the rock cycle? ...

Soil Sieves Kit (Four Screen Sieves With Graduated Wire Mesh (No. 5, 10, 60, 230)

Hubbard. Used to separate and grade soil samples, these sieves are also indispensable ...

Soil Sieves Kit (Stacking Containers With #6, #20, #40, And #100 Wire Mesh Screens.)

Science Source. Separate and grade dry soil samples into 5 different size ranges ...

The Science of Weather & Storms Challenge

The Science of Weather & Storms Challenge includes two fun, fast-paced games ...