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Anatomy and Physiology

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Anatomy and Physiology A.D.A.M. School Editions

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A.D.A.M. Essentials '98 Bundle Animated Dissection Of Anatomy For Medicine (Windows)

A.D.A.M. Essentials takes your students on an exciting journey through the human body. ...


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Cell Biology

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Osmosis Lab

The action graphics of this high-resolution simulation examine a vital life process. Students ...

Cell City

Cell City is an innovative multimedia CD-ROM that helps users understand the operation ...

The Plasma Membrane & Cellular Transport

The importance of the membrane that surrounds the cell, as a regulator of ...

Computer Software

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Clip Art

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Vertebrate Clip Art Disk

Over 1500 color pictures of vertebrates from urochordates, tunicates, through mammals. Scientifically drawn ...

Clip-Art For Science Teachers

This useful clip-art collection provides science teachers with a wide variety of detailed ...

Earth Science and Prehistoric Life

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Ecology and Conservation

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Forensics and Crime

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Clues In Crime ( Single Copy)

The Role of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigations. Students will join Professor of ...

Terror From Paradise

Investigate a real life simulation as students play an interactive role in identifying ...

Forensics CD-ROM

Sort data and run tests to determine the chemical makeup of evidence and ...

General Science and Reference

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Natural Selection

Discovering the relation between natural selection and genetics. Punnett square activities show effects ...

DNA: The Molecule Of Life

Informative narration and animated experiments illustrate how scientists determined the chemical nature of ...

Kangasaurus Transmission Genetics

A fascinating simulation that provides an open framework for discovering and mastering genetics ...

General Biology

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Viruses And Bacteria

This program draws the student into the fascinating microscopic world of viruses and ...


Investigate the kingdom Protista as this program vividly explores this group of plant-like, ...

Microlab Toolkit

An interactive multimedia program for students taking Microbiology, Introductory Biology, and other biological ...

Neo/Sci Software

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Plants Interfact

This multimedia disk contains up to 15 hours of activities, puzzles, games, and ...

Roots And Stems

Learn about two very important plant structures that take in water, nutrients, and ...

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