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DNA Fingerprinting 2 - Amplification Of DNA For Fingerprinting.


For 6 Gels (5 lanes each) Time required: Gel Prep 30 min. Electrophoresis 45 min. Staining 15 min. Destaining 20 min. Forensic DNA fingerprinting has become a universally accepted crime-fighting tool. Recent advances utilize the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to amplify human DNA obtained from crime scenes. This experiment is based on a crime scene scenario and has an inquiry based component. The experiment allows for varied results depending on the selection of DNA fingerprinting patterns. Requirements: Horizontal gel electrophoresis apparatus, D.C. power supply, automatic micropipet with tips, balance, microwave oven or hot plate, waterbath (65ºC), pipet pumps or bulbs, 250 ml flasks, hot gloves and safety goggles, latex or vinyl gloves, distilled or deionized water, photodocumentation system (opt), visualization system (white light), large weight boats for destaining. CONTENTS: Ready-to-load™ Predigested DNA samples, UltraSpec-Agarose™ powder, Practice Gel Loading Solution, Electrophoresis buffer (50x), 1 ml pipet, 100 ml Graduated Cylinder, Microtipped transfer pipets, InstaStain™ Methylene Blue, Methylene Blue Plus™, Complete instructions, background information and study questions.

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