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Principles Of Gel Filtration Chromatography (Series 100 Experiments)


For 10 Separations.

Time Required: Packing Column -- 20 min. Column Separation -- 40 min. This kit introduces the chromatographic separation of dyes of different colors, based on their size and shape. The kit comes with 10 columns that may be rinsed and reused.

REQUIREMENTS: 2 - 50ml or 100ml beakers; small beaker (25ml), or a 10ml test tube; ring stand with clamp for each column; distilled or deionized water; safety glasses; latex or vinyl gloves.

CONTENTS: Sample Mixture; 10 Columns; Dry matrix for columns; Concentrated Elution Buffer; 20 Plastic Transfer Pipets; 100 Plastic Microtest Tubes with Attached Caps; Complete instructions, background information, and study questions.

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