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Discovery Channel Explore Your World Handbooks

Discovery Channel - Birds

1999. How does an eagle soar?  What's the difference between a warbler and ...

Discovery Channel - Insects & Spiders

2000.  How do a tarantula's fangs work differently than those of other spiders?  ...

Discovery Channel - Mammals

2000.  How are whales and hippos closely related?  Which mammal always gives birth ...

Discovery Channel - Night Sky

1999.  What has the Hubble Space Telescope revealed about our universe?  How should ...

Discovery Channel - Reptiles & Amphibians

2000.  Why are some frogs able to freeze solid and still survive?  How ...

Discovery Channel - Trees

2000.  Which tree was used by the ancient Greeks to treat asthma and ...

Discovery Channel - Weather

1999.  What's the point of dew?  How can you measure the distance of ...