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Lab 6: Cleavage of Lambda DNA with Eco Ri Endonuclease: An Introduction To Restriction Enzymes


Edvotek Lab 6 Alternative.  The DNA from bacteriophage lambda is a well-characterized linear molecule containing six recognition sites for Eco RI (generating 5 fragments with distinct sizes and 2 fragments that are very close in size). In this experiment, Lambda DNA is digested by the Eco RI endonuclease. The digestion products are analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis.

For 10 restriction digestions and 5 gels. Complete in 90 minutes.

To download instructions go to:

 Kit includes: instructions, Lambda DNA, Dryzymes®, Reconstitution buffer, Restriction enzyme reaction buffer, enzyme grade water, Standard DNA Fragments, various solutions and buffers, agarose powder, FlashBlue™ Stain.

All You need: electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, automatic pipet with tips, waterbath, balance, microwave or hot plate, visualization (white light), misc. lab glassware, pipet pumps or bulbs, metric rulers, floating racks, distilled or deionized water, ice

Storage: Store Some Components in Freezer and Refrigerator -


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