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DNA/Chromosome Staining Lab Activity


Innovating Science™

No need to waste valuable time and effort growing plant root tips for your mitosis lab. Innovating Science's specially grown and preserved plant root tips are included in the kit! Students will first prepare and stain their samples and then perform a cell squash for microscopic observation. The material is grown and harvested under specific conditions to insure that maximum mitotic activity is occurring at the time of preservation, allowing for multiple examples of every stage of mitosis on each microscope slide prepared. Students will learn about cell division, as well as gain valuable experience in techniques such as tissue staining and microscopic observation. The kit contains enough material for 30 students working individually. Materials Included in the Kit: 1 Vial Root Tips; 2 Bottles DNA/chromosome stain; 2 Bottles Hydrochloric acid, 6M; 30 Aluminum trays; 30 Forceps.

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