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Investigation 12: Fruit Fly Behavior


Edvotek. The objective of this experiment is to introduce students to the concept of distribution of organisms in a resource gradient and to learn the difference between kinesis and taxis. Drosophila must be requested 3 weeks prior to use. 

For 10 Lab Groups, Requires 1-2 hours.

To download instructions go to:

Kit Includes: Wild-type Drosophila (must be requested 2-3 weeks prior to experiment), transfer pipets, cotton balls, Edvotek® Instant Drosophila Growth Media, Drosophila vials, vial plugs

All You Need: plastic water bottles (2 per group and extra caps), any combination of household condiments, fruits, and lab chemicals, lab notebook, dissecting microscopes, color pens (for graphing), transparent colored film (for wrapping chamber), clear tape, goggles, funnel, timer, water

Storage: Room Temperature

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