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Classroom Activities

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Geology Field Trip In A Bag Lab Investigation

Take a field trip without leaving the classroom! Introduce your students to rocks, ...

Soil Sieves Kit (Four Screen Sieves With Graduated Wire Mesh (No. 5, 10, 60, 230)

Hubbard. Used to separate and grade soil samples, these sieves are also indispensable ...

Soil Sieves Kit (Stacking Containers With #6, #20, #40, And #100 Wire Mesh Screens.)

Science Source. Separate and grade dry soil samples into 5 different size ranges ...

Earth Science

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Large Fossil Collection

A very affordable collection of 24 natural fossil specimens, spanning a vast period ...

Small Fossil Collection

A smaller version of our ES 1190. Features 10 fossils selected to exhibit ...

Fossils Rock Box

Rock Boxes. Each of these 7 individual rock collections comes in a colorful ...


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Rocks and Minerals Challenge.

A fast-paced game that helps students understand the properties and classifications of common ...

Geology Bingo

Explore the world of geology as you guide your students through the many ...

Geology Game Set

Guide students through the properties and classifications of common rocks and minerals with ...


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Hardness/Streak Test Kit

Contains minerals 1 through 9, as designated in the traditional Moh's Scale, plus ...

Natural Crystal Collection

Under the proper conditions, pure minerals will develop into crystal forms characteristic of ...


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Meteorites Sikhote-Alin

Shrapnel from the USSR. Date 1947.Mounted in a 31/4" x 41/4" specimen box, ...

Meteorites Canyon Diablo

A fragment from Arizona. Dated 20,000-40,000 years ago.Mounted in a 31/4" x 41/4" ...

Meteorites Morocco

A fragment from the Sahara Desert. Time frame unknown.Mounted in a 31/4" x ...

Plate Tectonics

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Pangea Activity Model

Study the impact of plate tectonics on this "Super Continent". Were the continents ...

Prehistoric Life

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Discovering Fossils

How to Find and Identify Remains of the Prehistoric Past. 1998. Frank A. ...

Fossil Formation & Identification Lab Investigation

Learn how fossils help in studying the earth’s past. As preserved remains or ...

Rock Collections

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Introductory Earth Science Collection

This basic unit of 75 rocks and minerals is designed to demonstrate the ...

Washington School Collection

This standard collection for classroom use has been updated to match advances in ...

Igneous Rock Box

Rock Boxes. Each of these 7 individual rock collections comes in a colorful ...

Support Materials

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Ready-To-Use Earth & Astronomical Activities For Grades 5-12

SECONDARY SCIENCE CURRICULUM ACTIVITIES. 1999. A series designed to help educators teach scientific ...

Daily Warm-Ups Earth Science

2002 Robert G. Hoehn. This book is a wonderful way to turn extra ...

Hands-On Earth Science Activities For Grades K-8

1995. Marvin N. Tolman. This book presents over 165 inquiry activities covering the ...