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A Field Guide to The Animals of Vernal Pools

2000. Leo P. Kenney. Vernal pools are critical habitats that support unique and ...

Amphibians, Reptiles, and Their Conservation

Limited Supply. 2002. Marty Crump. Though they are not cuddly like pandas, amphibians ...

Dead Snails Leave No Trails: Natural Pest Control For Home And Garden

1996. Loren Nancarrow and Janet Taylor. Fight indoor and outdoor pests the safe ...

Dragonflies & Damselflies Pocketguide

2009. James Kavanagh.  Dragonflies & Damselflies is the perfect pocket-sized, folding guide for ...

Earthsearch: A Kid's Geography Museum in a Book

Limited Supply. 1994.  John Cassidy.  More than 50 educators helped develope 21 different ...


Limited Supply. 1994. Pauline Chandler, M.S.Ed. Ecology is the study of living and ...

Environmental Detectives

2001. GEMS. The "crime" is a mysterious environmental calamity-a fish die-off that began ...

Environmental Science Activities Kit

1993. Michael L. Roa. Contains hands-on classroom activities to help students understand and ...

Environmental Science: High School Science Fair Experiiments

Limited Supply. 1994.  H. Steven Dashefsky.  Covers the biosphere, atmosphere, soil and aquatic ...

Explore Rivers and Ponds!

2012. Carla Mooney. From puddles, lakes, and streams to rivers, bogs and swamps, ...

Field Manual For Water Quality Monitoring: An Environmental Education Program For Schools

1996. Mark K. Mitchell and William B. Stapp. This book details nine chemical/physical ...

Laboratory Manual For Marine Science Studies

Staff, LaMotte Chemical. Contains test procedures, descriptions of reagents and labware, and background ...

Limnology: An Introduction to the Freshwater Environment

1969. William H. Amos. This text discusses biological, chemical, and physical processes in ...

My First Wetlands Nature Activity Book

2011. James Kavanagh. A variety of animals and plants, including herons, frogs, backswimmers, ...

NatureScope Pollution Problems & Solutions

Limited Supply. 1998.  National Wildlife Federation.  Ranger Rick's Nature Scope.  One of several ...

NatureScope Rain Forests: Tropical Treasures

Limited Supply. 1997.  National Wildlife Federation.  Ranger Rick's Nature Scope.  One of several ...

On Sandy Shores

Limited Supply. 1996. GEMS. Students explore and deepen their understanding of many aspects ...

Our Environment Battles Water Pollution

1969. Dr. Charles E. Renn. This lively text traces a theoretical river from ...

Ph, Buffers and Acid-Base Titrations

A handbook which discusses the theoretical and practical applications of acids and bases ...

Pocketguide to Eastern Streams

2011. T. Travis and Shandra Brown. This unique field guide covers most common ...

Pocketguide to Eastern Wetlands

2014. T.Travis and Shandra Brown.  This detailed field guide features more than 200 ...

Pond Life Nature Activity Book

2011. James Kavanagh. A variety of entertaining games are used to highlight the ...

Pond Life Pocketguide

2003. James Kavanagh. Ponds support a wide variety of plant and animal life. ...

Rain Forest: An Interdisciplinary Unit for Science and Language Arts

Limited Supply. 1997.  Jean L. Pottle.  Fascinating lessons in this book show the ...

River Cutters

Limited Supply. 1989. GEMS. Based on teacher feedback, and on a collaborative effort ...

Save Our Planet: 750 Everyday Ways You Can Help Clean Up The Earth

Limited Supply. 1990. Diane MacEachern. National Wildlife Federation. One chapter each is devoted ...

Silent Spring

1962. Rachel Carson. Foreword by Al Gore. A classic on environmental awareness, this ...

Study of Water Quality

1968. Dr. Charles E. Renn. The text examines the "life cycle" of water ...

The Machinery of Nature

Limited Supply. THE MACHINERY OF NATURE. (1986) Paul R. Ehrlich. America's most popular ...

The Monitor's Handbook

LaMotte. A valuable reference guide for both beginners and veterans of water quality ...

The Secret Pool

2013. Kimberly Ridley.  The Secret Pool introduces young readers to the wonders right ...

The Worm Book: The Complete Guide To Gardening And Composting With Worms

1998. Loren Nancarrow and Janet Hogan Taylor. Worms are the latest and perhaps ...