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Amphibians, Reptiles, and Their Conservation


Limited Supply.

2002. Marty Crump. Though they are not cuddly like pandas, amphibians and reptiles are just as surely disappearing from the face of the earth for a host of reasons-habitat destruction, pollution, disease, climate change, and over-collection for exotic pets, food or folk medicines. If these animals become extinct like the dinosaurs did, then not only will we be the poorer for their absence, we will also be in trouble. Populations of insect pests and disease carriers will explode without frogs to eat them; rodents and other small animals will flourish without snakes to control their populations. In this book, the author covers the "state of the species" from common misconceptions about amphibians and reptiles, to their exploitation, to the solutions to the problems of their decline. Solutions include protecting habitats, doing more research about these animals, and enacting protective laws against capturing and killing them. 140 pages, soft cover, b&w photographs & illustrations. Grades 6 and up.

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