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Edvotek Equipment and Supplies

Digital Dual Power Source (0-300 V, for 1 or 2 Units)

The all-new Digital Dual Power Source is designed to power any combination of ...

Dual Power Pack (25/50 V, For 1 or 2 Units)

The Dual Power Pack is two power packs in one, capable of running ...

Dual Power Source, Model Evt 300 (70/125V, for 1 or 2 Units)

The EVT 300 Dual Power Source is applicable for use in both agarose ...

Electrophoresis Apparatus, Model M12

Designed to give excellent resolution in short periods of time for up to ...

Electrophoresis Apparatus, Model M6Plus

A durable and seamless injection-molded horizontal agarose electrophoresis unit designed for ease of ...

Gemini Split Tray™ Package for Model M12

Increase "hands-on" lab participation. Gemini Split Trays provide the capability to cast two ...

Hexagel™ Electrophoresis Apparatus, Model M36

Designed for use in introductory biology courses, this larger unit emphasizes economy since ...

Powerstation Power Source (70/125V, For 1 To 4 Units)

The PowerStation is designed to power any combination of 4 horizontal or vertical ...


This waterbath features a one-piece seamless, stainless steel chamber which is corrosion resistant ...

White Light Gel Visualization System

This White Light Gel Visualization System features an all-new design and improved durability. ...