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Acids and Bases

Innovating Science™   Students will learn about acids and bases through a class ...

Density: Lava Lamp

Innovating Science™ What is density? This concept can be difficult to explain to ...

Elephant Toothpaste

Innovating Science™ Check out this fun demonstration that is classroom safe and shows ...

Healthy Plants

Innovating Science™ Designed for older elementary students to help them examine and understand ...

Playing with Polymers

Innovating Science™ Teacher leads a class discussion about polymers and their importance in ...

Properties of Matter: What is Oobleck?

Innovating Science™ This kit has been designed to introduce young students (K-4) to ...

Seed Germination and Plant Structure

Innovating Science™   Designed for young elementary students to help them examine and ...

Separation of a Mixtire: Physical Properties of Matter

Innovating Science™ After a class discussion of matter and the fact that matter ...

Soap Power!

Innovating Science™ Why are raindrops the shape that they are? How do detergents ...