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Life-sized model. Ear canal, temporal muscle, malleus, incus, stapes, semicircular canals, tensor tympani ...


Cross-sectioned to reveal nicely detailed inner anatomical features. Lens and cornea are removable. ...

Giant 3-Part Ear

Denoyer-Geppert. 5 times life size. Sectioned to reveal the entire length of the ...

Giant Student Version 5-Part Eyeball

Denoyer-Geppert. 6 times life size. Splits into 2 hemispheres so students can lift ...

Human Ear

Enlarged approximately 4 times, this model is dissectible into 4 parts. The detachable ...

Human Eye 4 Times Full Size, 6-Part

3B. The upper half of the sclera with cornea and eye muscle attachments, ...


A near-median section through the nose and nasal passages. Details include nasal cavity, ...

Standard Human Ear 3 Times Full Size, 4-Part

3B. Shows outer, middle and inner ear. Removable tympanic membrane with malleus and ...