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Asplenium (Ebony Spleenwort)

Also called Ebony Speenwort or Licorice Fern. Potted. ...


A small aquatic fern with scale-like leaves on short stems which can form ...

Boston Fern

Potted. ...

Boston Fern With Stolons

Used in tissue culture studies. Potted. ...

Lycopodium (100 Plants)

Species available. 100 plants. ...

Lycopodium (12 Plants)

Species available. 12 plants. ...

Lycopodium (25 Plants)

Species available. 25 plants. ...

Lycopodium (50 Plants)

Species available. 50 plants. ...

Maidenhair Fern

Adiantum sp. An attractive, delicate fern with small to medium fronds and black ...

Marsilea Quadrifolia (Water Shamrock)

An aquatic fern resembling a four-leaved clover. Grows in aquariums containing a high ...


A small fern. Available all seasons. ...

Polystichum (Christmas Fern)

Vegetative. Complete, mature plants, shipped bare root. ...

Pteridophyte Set

Four ferns and/or clubmosses of our choice. ...


An attractive floating aquatic fern with bilobed circular leaves bearing prominent bristles. Grows ...


Spike Moss. ...

Selaginella Kraussiana

A spreading spike moss which forms a dense mat. Makes an especially attractive ...

Selaginella Set

Contains 3 different selaginella our choice. ...

Selaginella Uncinata (Rainbow Fern)

A tropical spike moss with trailing branches that shimmer iridescent red, blue and ...