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Discovery Channel - Birds


Limited Supply.

1999. How does an eagle soar?  What's the difference between a warbler and a verio?  How do birds communicate?  Why do birds migrate?  What flowers draw hummingbirds to a garden?  Birds, an Explore Your World™ handbook, answers these and other questions, providing a captivating blend of information and entertainment about one of the most popular hobbies. 

Incorporating the Discovery Channel's unique authoritative approach and acclaimed visuals, Birds goes beyond traditional field guides by combining field identification techniques with fascinating background information and practical hands-on advice.  Organized in a clear, accessable style, beautifully illustrated with over 300 full-color photos, and packed with the most up-to-date information by expert ornithologists, this comprehensive handbook offers birding enthusiasts a wealth of information in a single portable source. 192 pages, soft cover.

Divided into 3 main sections

  1. Discovering Birds- background and general information
  2. Birds in Your Backyard
  3. Identifying Birds

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