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Stokes Nature Guide to Bird Behavior, Vol. 1


Limited Supply.

1979. Stokes. A totally new and exciting approach to watching birds is presented in the volumes of A Guide to Bird Behavior.  With these guides you can discover and interpret the secret lives of birds in a way that has never before been possible.  For each species included, this book contains:  complete life histories, details of courtship and territorial behavior, how to recognise songs, and much more. 

The birds contained in Volume I:

Black-Capped Chicadee, Red-winged Blackbird, Americal Goldfinch, Canada Goose, Mallard, American Robin, Mockingbird, Gray Catbird, Common Flicker, Hairy Woodpecker, House Wren, Herring Gull, Tree Swallow, Americal Kestral, Chimney Swift, Eastern Kingbird, Blue Jay, Common Crow, Starling, Pigeon, Red-Eyed Vireo, Common Yellowthroat, House Sparrow, Common Grackle, Song Sparrow.


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