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Forensics & Crime

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Economy Human Male Comparison Set

An excellent, economical way to study the Human male. Use it to compare ...

Economy Female Comparison Set

An excellent way to study the human female. Use it to compare to ...

Economy Child Comparison Set

An excellent way to study the human child. Use it to compare to ...


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The Casebook Of Forensic Detection

How Science Solved 100 of the World’s Most Baffling Crimes. 1996. Colin Evans. ...


1987. GEMS. Students explore the similarities and variations of fingerprints in these "fingers-on" ...

Crime Scene-The Ultimate Guide To The World Behind The Tape

2003. Platt. Each chapter details the methods and describes the highly specialized equipment ...


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Identifying Fingerprints Poster (Heavy Paper)

Learn to identify fingerprints like a professional investigator! Your junior sleuths will learn ...

Identifying Fingerprints Poster (Laminated)

Learn to identify fingerprints like a professional investigator! Your junior sleuths will learn ...

Discovery Channel School Forensics Pack

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Forensic Chemistry Kits From Innovating Science

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Gun Shot Residue Presumptive Test Kit

Innovating Science™. This is a two part test to determine whether a surface ...

Presumptive Blood Test Kit

Innovating Science™. Test for the presence of blood on materials using phenolphthalein.The test ...

Forensic Chemistry of Document Analysis

Innovating Science™. The school library’s computers have been stolen. Left behind was a ...


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Forensics Bingo

This game covers the techniques and procedures used by forensic experts when solving ...

Forensics: Speaking The Language

Every profession has its own terminology. This 80 page, soft cover book includes ...

Forensics Science Set

Includes GP 8320 Forensics Bingo and GP 8322 Forensics: Speaking the Language. ...


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Clues In Crime ( Single Copy)

The Role of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigations. Students will join Professor of ...

Terror From Paradise

Investigate a real life simulation as students play an interactive role in identifying ...

Crime Scene 1: The Case Of Lois Mcarthur

Was it murder or suicide? Let your students use their detective skills to ...

Microscope Slides in Sets - Forecsics

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Introductory Forensics Slide Set

Set of 20 slides. A small sampling of the types of specimens forensic ...

Unknown Animal Hair Types

A set containing 10 slides of animal hair, labeled "Unknown #1", "Unknown #2", ...

Animal Hair Types Slide Set

A set containing 25 different slides of animal fur and hair types.  Types may ...

Videos & DVDs

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The Perfect Corpse (DVD)

NOVA. Forensic Science Reveals the Astonishing Rituals of the Iron Age. Central Ireland’s ...

Hunt For A Serial Arsonist (Video)

Fires were breaking our all over greater Los Angeles. Suspicious fires. From the ...


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True To Life Human X-Rays

Explore the skeleton of a virtual person with computer enhanced x-rays that look ...

True To Life Animal X-Rays

Real animal x-rays printed on durable, transparent plastic are great for years of ...

Insect X-Rays & Picture Cards

Get three different views of your favorite insects.The top has been photographed and ...