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FOSS® Life Science Module Replenishment Set. (Grade 1 - 2)

Per Set:

  • 200 Mealworms
  • 75 Milkweed Bug Eggs
  • 5 Painted Lady Butterfly Larva w/food
  • 12 Crickets
  • 50 Silkworm Eggs
  • 75 Waxworms

  • Waxworms: customers from AZ, ID, OH must apply for a state permit to receive
  • Painted Lady Caterpillers require a one week notice prior to shipment
  •          Live Caterpilers cannot be shipped to Hawaii or outside the United States.


Desired Date of Arrival can be entered during checkout. If you are ordering living organisms and want more than one delivery date, you will need to make separate orders for each delivery date.

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