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Algae Morphology Set (Our Choice)

Our Choice of 5 separately labeled cultures, selected to show 5 different algal forms. ...

Basic Algae Set

Appropriate for an introductory biology class. Contains 7 separately labeled cultures: Chlamydomonas Diatoms ...

BlueGreen Algae Set

Five separate cultures showing a range of cell types: Gloeocapsa Gloeotrichia Lyngbya Fischerella ...

Elementary Algae Set A

Three separately labeled cultures illustrating different morphological types: Haematococcus (unicellular) Volvox (colonial) Spirogyra (filamentous) ...

Elementary Algae Set B

Three separately labeled cultures: Ankistrodesmus Heamatococcus Selenastrum This item contains sufficient material for a ...

Filamentous Algae Set

Seven separate cultures: Anabaena Gloeotrichia Oedegonium Ulothrix Oscillatoria Spirogyra Zygnema. This item contains sufficient material ...

Freshwater Algae Set 1 (Our Choice)

A set of five individually labelled cultures (OUR CHOICE). This item contains sufficient material ...

Freshwater Algae Survey Set

Eight separate cultures representing 8 divisions of algae: Anabaena Phacus Chlamydomonas Spirogyra Synura ...

Freshwater Flagellate Set

Four separate cultures: Synura Pandorina Euglena Chlamydomonas This item contains sufficient material for a ...

Introductory Algae Set

Six separately labeled cultures representing 6 divisions of algae: Oscillatoria Ectocarpus Polysiphonia Diatoms ...

Volvocale Algae Set

Five separate cultures: Volvox Chlamydomonas Pandorina Gonium Eudorina This item contains sufficient material for ...