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Aspergillus (Brown Mold) Slide, sec. of Conidia.

Prepared slide. Section of conidia. ...

Aspergillus (Brown Mold) Slide, w.m of Conidophores and Spores.

Prepared slide. Whole mount of Aspergillus conidophores and spores. ...

Candida albicans Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide.  A diploin fungus (a form of yeast) and a casual agent ...

Candida parapsilosis Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide.  A fungal species of the yeast family that has become a ...

Fusarium oxysporum Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide.  These remarkably diverse adaptable fungi have been found in soils ranging ...

Microsporum gypseum Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide.  A genus of fungi that cause diseases of the skin and ...

Molds, 3 Types, w.m.

Prepared slide.  Molds, 3 Types:  Aspergillus, Rhizopus and Penicillium. Whole mount. ...

Morchella (Morel Mushroom) Slide, c.s.

Prepared slide. Cross section of Morchella mature fruiting body with asci. ...

Penicillium (Blue Mold) Slide, sec.

Prepared slide. Section of mold growing on orange rind or agar. Shows mycelia, ...

Penicillium (Blue Mold) Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. Whole mount of Penicillum. Shows mycella, conidia and conidiophores.  ...

Peziza Slide, l.s.

Prepared slide. Longitudinal sectionl of cup (apothecium). Hypothecium with paraphyses and asci well ...

Rhodotorula Rubra Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. Red Yeast. Whole mount. ...

Saccharomyces Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. Yeast. Whole mount of budding cells. ...

Trichophyton mentagrophytes Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. A fungal dermatophyte frequently associated with superficial infections of the skin, ...

Trichophyton rubrum Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide.  A fungus that is the most common cause of athlete's foot, ...