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Achyla Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. (Water Mold) Reproduces sexually by oospore and asexually by zoospores. Whole mount. ...

Allomyces Arbuscula Slide, w.m.

Prepared slide. (Water Mold) A chytridiomycete. Whole mount. ...

Molds, 3 Types, w.m.

Prepared slide.  Molds, 3 Types:  Aspergillus, Rhizopus and Penicillium. Whole mount. ...

Parasitic Phycomycetes Albugo Candida Slide (White Rust of Crucifers), c.s.

Prepared slide. Conidial pustules in cross section of Capsella (Shepherd's Purse) stem. ...

Rhizopus Nigricans (Bread Mold) Slide, Sporangia and Zygotes, w.m.

Prepared slide. Bread mold sporangia and zygotes. Whole mount. ...

Rhizopus Nigricans (Bread Mold) Slide, Sporangia, w.m.

Prepared slide. Bread mold sporangia whole mount. ...

Rhizopus Nigricans (Bread Mold) Slide, Zygotes, w.m.

Prepared slide. Bread mold zygotes whole mount. ...

Saprolegnia (Water Mold) Slide, Sexual Stages, w.m.

Prepared slide. Water mold whole mount. Sexual stages.  ...